Unifight (or Universal Fight) is a competitive training system with military applications.[1] The competition is formed of two consecutive stages: the first stage is an obstacle course with close quarters battle - any missed obstacle disqualifies the contestant; the second stage is a bout of full contact hand to hand combat

How to Play

A traditional Judo match takes place on tatami mats measuring 14 x 14 metres, with a combat area of 10 x 10 metres marked out within it. Players must wear the designated uniforms with an appropriate knotted belt. The athletes, called Judokas, must bow before stepping onto the mat, and must bow to each other before and after practice or competition. Inappropriate behaviour, such as foul language and bodily gestures are not tolerated.

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B.H.Uditha Peiris

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18/1,Sri Premananda MW,Bekkegama,Panadu-ra

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011 - 2437324

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011 - 2437324