1. Completed application form obtained from the Department of Sports Development or through the website
  2. Cover letter of the relevant association
  3. Invitation or Official Notice of Competition / Seminar / Course
  4. Letter of selection committee (three people including the Chairman of the Selection Committee)
All correspondence must be submitted to the Department of Sports Development 14 days before the competition / course / seminar.
  1. Request letter of the relevant association
  2. One copy each, including the original invoice of the request and all relevant documents
  3. The following information pertaining to the request should be completed and submitted to the Ministry
01 (a) Direct Import – Bill of Lading No/Airway Bill No.
(b) Indirect Import – BOI approval/Bonded WareHouse approval/Any other Agencies approval (if N0 1 (a) is not available)
02 Commercial Invoice No
03 (a) Re Export/ Temporary
(b) Consumable/ Permanent (If 03 (a) is not available)
04 Packing List No. (If Direct Import)
05 Description of Consignment
06 Consignee
07 Quantity (Units/Kg/Packages…)
  1. An amount of Rs. 5000/= for administrative expenses incurred to investigate the complaint should be paid to the Ministry of Sports and the receipt should be submitted with the relevant complaint.
  2. Upon inquiry into the complaint, the party who lodged the complaint or if it was proved that the complaint was correct, action will be taken to repay the above sum.