Cricket is a bat-and-ball game played between two teams of eleven players on a field at the centre of which is a 20-metre (22-yard) pitch with a wicket at each end, each comprising two bails balanced on three stumps.
National Player Profiles

How to Play

01. Set up the pitch
- One batsman stands at each end of the pitch, behind the popping crease but ahead of the bowling crease. The bowler also stands at one end of the crease, starting behind the bowling crease, and bowls to the other end. The batsman to whom the bowler bowls is the striker; the batsman at the same end as the bowler is the non-striker.

02. Bowl the ball
- The bowler starts behind the bowling crease, and bowls the ball before reaching the popping crease by moving forward and throwing the ball. A cricket bowl is always performed over-the-shoulder, with a completely straight arm. The ball is allowed to bounce on the pitch once before reaching the striker, though it doesn't have to.

03. Hit the ball and run
- Using the flat side of the cricket bat, the striker can attempt to hit the ball. There are many different types of strike, each with a different advantage over the others. Once the striker has hit the ball, they and the non-striker can choose to run from end to end of the pitch, exchanging places. If both batsmen manage to run safely to the far side of the pitch, 1 run is declared, and 1 point is scored. If either batsman is declared out while trying to reach the far side of the pitch, no point is scored.

04. Finish the game
- Play according to whatever type of game you've chosen until the appropriate number of innings has been reached. The team with the highest number of runs is the winner.

Sports Associations Details


  1. Registration No                         -           17

  2. Registration Year                      -           1975.07.30

  3. Gazette No                               -           1990/23 -

  4. Duration of the Position           -           02



Mr. A. Shammi Silva

No: 143/B, Pagoda Road, Nugegoda.




Mr. M. Mohan De Silva

No: 21, Senevirathne Mawatha, Handala, Wattala.




Mr. Lasantha Wickramasinghe

No: 216/1, Honanthara North, Kottawa Road, Piliyandala.



  1. List of Affiliated Associations                        -

  • Provinces Sports Associations - 05

1.      Central Provinces Cricket Association

2.      North Central Provinces Cricket Association

3.      Southern Provinces Cricket Association

4.      Western Provinces Cricket Association

5.      Uva Provinces Cricket Association


  • District Sports Associations- 23

1.       District Cricket Association

2.       Ampara District Cricket Association

3.       Anuradhapura District Cricket Association

4.       Badulla District Cricket Association

5.       Madakalapuwa District Cricket Association

6.       Colombo District Cricket Association

7.       Galle District Cricket Association

8.       Gampaha District Cricket Association

9.       Hambanthota District Cricket Association

10.   Jaffna District Cricket Association

11.   Kaluthara District Cricket Association

12.   Kandy District Cricket Association

13.   Kagalle District Cricket Association

14.   Kurunagala District Cricket Associationa

15.   Mathale District Cricket Association

16.   Matara District Cricket Association

17.   Monaragala District Cricket Association

18.   Nuwara Eliya District Cricket Association

19.   Polonnaruwa District Cricket Association

20.   Puththalam District Cricket Association

21.   Rathnapura District Cricket Association

22.   Trincomalee District Cricket Association

23.   Wavniya District Cricket Association


5. List of Affiliated Associations        -  55


Controlling Clubs                                                                                             Affiliated Clubs


1.        Blue Field Cricket and Athletic Sports Club                                      

2.        Antonians Cricket Club

3.        Bohara Cricket Club                                                                       

4.        Badulla Cricket Club

5.        Burger Ricration Club                                                        

6.        Baduraliya Cricket Club

7.        Ketamaran Cricket Club                                                                 

8.        Kaluthara Physical Culture Club

9.        Halawatha Marians Cricket Sports Club                                          

10.      Kagalle Cricket Club

11.      Colombo Colts Cricket Club                                                            

12.      Kurunagala Youth Cricket Club

13.      Colombo Cricket Club  (Gymkana)                                                  

14.      Lankan Cricket Club

15.      Dimbula Cricket and Athletic Sports Club  

16.      Nugegoda Sports and Welfare Club  

17.      Galle Cricket Club                                                              

18.      Old Anandian’s Cricket Club

19.      Kaluthara Cricket Club                                                                   

20.      Old Dharmapalian’s Cricket Club

21.      Kuliyapitiya Play Ground Cricket Club                                             

22.      Old Tritons Cricket Club

23.      Kurunagala Cricket Club                                                    

24.      Piliyandala Cricket Club

25.      Lean’s Cricket Club                                                                        

26.      Ragama Cricket Club

27.      Libbert Cricket Club                                                                       

28.      Rajarata Cricket Club

29.      Matara Cricket Club                                                                      

30.      Rio Cricket Club

31.      Mooras Cricket Club                                                                      

32.      Singhe Cricket Club

33.      Moratuwa Cricket Club                                                                  

34.      United Southern Cricket Club

35.      Mutval Cricket Club                                                                       

36.      Kalaniya University

37.      Negambo Cricket Club                                                                   

38.      Moratuwa University

39.      Normads Cricket Club                                                                    

40.      Wattala Cricket Club

41.      Nondesktops Cricket Club                                               

42.      Wennappuwa Cricket Club

43.      Peterson Learn Play Ground Cricket Club                           

44.      Sivirats Cricket Club

45.      Saracens Sports Club                                                                     

46.      Defense Services Sports Board

47.      Sebastian's Cricket and Athletic Club                                  

48.      Trade Affairs Cricket Association

49.      Sinhalese Cricket Club                                                                   

50.      Sri Lanka School Cricket Association

51.      Tamil League Cricket and Athletic Club                                           

52.      Sri Lanka Public Service Cricket Association

53.      Panadura Sports Club                                                                    

54.      Sri Lanka University Sports Club

55.      Sri Lanka University Sports Club